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SOOOOOOOOOO, I've never written a blog, but I figure that given that I will board a plane to Florence, Italy in 9 days, I might have enough worth saying and showing to justify doing so now. For some time, I have been worrying about the flight across the pond, but lucky for me, the doc gave me something to help. Hopefully, the experience will be little more than a few anti-anxiety pills, a long nap and a small shake from a stewardess to alert me that I have arrived in Munich (the first stop in my trip). Unlike fear of flying, however, there is nothing to help get everything done in time! Honestly, I probably shouldn't be writing a post, I should probably be:

a) Cleaning my room
b) Generating the perfect packing list - can I just say that it is ridiculous to suggest that I bring 3 pairs of shoes?!?!? I think I can get it down to 4... but I don't like these limits one bit. Boots, flats, heels, sneakers. That is it. On that note, I should probably get 2 of those pairs looked at by a cobbler - another stop to make before I leave.
c) Packing everything I need into 1 duffle bag (I plan to bring 2 back, the other stuffed with presents, shoes, clothes etc that I buy there)
d) Checking through all the HUNDREDS of emails from Syracuse (the home-school of the program I will be attending) and Barnard, to make sure I know whatever it is that they wrote about...
e) Organizing all my papers (passport, etc)
f) Getting my iPod and computer looked at. If you have ever seen me try to operate a PC, its pretty clear that I am not good with electronics, but now I seem to have developed the amazing ability to fritz everything I touch.
g) Make lists of all the people I should get presents for, write postcards to etc etc.

Hurricane Irene is simply going to have to wait, because I have errands to run.

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